ROLL, RELEASE, RESTORE™  Sat. January 19, 2019:  2pm-4pm.  Max 4 participants at the 9to5 Movement Studio. $45/person
Back by popular demand:  Roll out the soft tissue and muscles in your body, release tension and recover from muscle overuse/repetitive movements and restore your balance and equilibrium in your body and mind with restorative yoga postures and guided deep breath work!
Self-myofascial release work is a recovery method that has many benefits including increased circulation, heightened neurological function, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. Using foam rollers, yoga therapy balls and tennis balls, we will uncover the tender areas or trigger points in our bodies and roll them out to release tension in tight muscles, improve inflexible areas, remove muscle spasms and decrease soft tissue density. Then we will move into supported, restorative yoga postures, (with the aid of props), and focus on deep, restorative breath to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation and bring balance to body and mind.

Fit It In  Saturday March 16, 2-4pm at the 9to5 Movement Studio.  Max 4 participants $45/person
We all struggle with finding the time to “fit in fitness.” Join me in this 2 hour workshop for an introduction to our signature “Fit It In” program. We will explore you how you can build movement, mental focus and stress reduction into every day at the office (or anywhere!). Using a combination of carefully designed movement programming, simple tension reduction techniques and on line training tools, you will enjoy improved fitness levels, reduced stress, and improved productivity and focus at work. This is an introduction to a progressive 10 week program designed specifically for busy individuals and corporate employees. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Vernol Equinox Ceremony and Practice Wednesday, March 20, 7-9pm at Pur Yoga Toronto.  Max 25 participants. $35/member, $40/non-member
What wisdoms are being brought forward with you from the dark of winter…what awakenings in yourself?  Join Toni Blay in this special ceremony and practice to celebrate the balance and union between the Light and Dark cycles of the year, between the Sun and the Moon, between Yang and Yin, Fire and Water. From this dynamic joining of opposites comes new life, transformation and manifestation.  This is the beginning of the potent growing period, the season of manifestation. Together let’s build the transference of energy from the inside to the outside, from Spirit into Matter. Let what is within flow towards manifestation. The alchemy of the Spring Equinox represents the joining of opposite forces to create a blending of energy which is alive, potent and expansive. Wherever you place your energy you will see growth.  So let’s consciously breathe life into the seeds we have been nurturing through the winter and early spring.  Special 2 hour Spring Equinox Ceremony, breath work, meditation and practice. 

Awakening the Shakti - Celebrating the Divine Feminine Saturday, May 11, 130pm-330pm, at Pur Yoga Toronto.  Max 25 participants.  $35/member, $40/non-member

Awaken and celebrate the divine feminine creative aspect of the Universe!  The Shakti qualities are expressed as nurturance, strength, compassion, creativity, beauty, sensitivity, intuition, patience, intelligence, and tolerance. Join Toni Blay as we acknowledge and affirm the Shakti—the primal power within and around you. Unleash the coiled energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine and awaken your Shakti energy.   Here is where deep cleansing, healing and transformation takes place. Special 2 hour ceremony and practice will focus on awakening and balancing the Shakti and Shiva energies through breath work, Kriya, meditation, and practice. 

SUMMER SOLSTICE PRACTICE - EXPLORING VARIATIONS ON SUN SALUTATIONS: Moving Beyond Chaturunga and Upward Dog. Saturday, June 22 from 130pm to 330pm at Pur Yoga Toronto, $35 for members, $40 for non-members

Is that all there is my friend?  Well, let’s keep dancing…. Join Toni Blay in an exploration of new and exciting forms of Sun Salutations - from the traditional Surya Namaskar A through C, through a myriad of creative ways to practice sun salutations for every client beginner to advanced.  As the universe moves into longer days, together let’s celebrate the warmth and magic of the sun, and discover your own version of a sun salutation – finally, let’s move Beyond Chaturunga and Upward Dog.  Special 2 hour practice and workshop

NOTE:  Studio closure dates during the winter months: (no classes or trainings on these dates): From February 7 through to February 28 Toni will be recovering from surgery.  Some sessions during this period may continue with an alternate instructor.  Please contact us at: to confirm that the session is proceeding and who the replacement instructor will be

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