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Special 4 week Workshop series.  Saturdays, January 11 through to Feb.1 inclusive, 2:00pm-4:00pm.  Max 4 participants at the 9to5 Movement Studio. $160/person for full series.

“When our attitude toward fear (and uncertainty) becomes more welcoming and inquisitive, a fundamental shift occurs.  Instead of spending our lives tensing up, we learn that we can connect with the freshness of the moment and relax” – Pema Chodron

 In this 4 week series, together we will explore writings from the book “Comfortable with Uncertainty” and build practical solutions to leading our lives with connection, compassion and acceptance.  Where there is fear and divisiveness, let us find understanding and hope and build a foundation for new awareness.  Each week, we will combine specific readings and practice, journaling, group discussion (sangha) with breath work, gentle movement and meditation to not only connect with ourselves and each other, but to strengthen our ability to remain “Comfortable with Uncertainty” and create a foundation for awakening true loving kindness (to ourselves and beyond). ​

THE THREE R’S – Roll, Release, Restore
Saturday, March 7 -  2:00pm-4:00pm.  Max 4 participants at the 9to5 Movement Studio. $45/person.
Roll out the soft tissue and muscles in your body, release tension and recover from muscle overuse/repetitive movements and restore your balance and equilibrium in your body and mind with restorative yoga postures and guided deep breath work!

 Self-myofascial release work is a recovery method that has many benefits including increased circulation, heightened neurological function, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. Using foam rollers, yoga therapy balls and tennis balls, we will uncover the tender areas or trigger points in our bodies and roll them out to release tension in tight muscles, improve inflexible areas, remove muscle spasms and decrease soft tissue density. Then we will move into supported, restorative yoga postures, (with the aid of props), and focus on deep, restorative breath to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation and bring balance to body and mind. Let’s combat the physical and mental effects of everyday stress with the use of tissue release work, restful poses and deep breathing techniques.

Saturday April 4, 2019:  2-4pm at the 9to5 Movement Studio.  Max 4 participants $45/person
We all struggle with finding the time to “fit in fitness”   Join me in this 2 hour workshop for an introduction to our signature “Fit It In” program.   We will explore building movement, mental focus and stress reduction into every day at the office (or anywhere!).  Using a combination of carefully designed movement programming, simple tension reduction techniques and scheduling tools, you will enjoy improved fitness levels, reduced stress, and enhanced productivity and focus at work.  This is an introduction to a progressive 10 week program designed specifically for busy individuals and corporate employees.   Appropriate for all fitness levels.

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